Update on the Cubans

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The 10 Cubans and where they are from

The 10 Cubans pictured above came to Tyndale House from 6 denominations and worked for 10 hours per day on their Hebrew for 8 weeks. In this time they went from basic level to competent unguided reading of Hebrew and even had a crack at reading Moabite (which is quite similar).

But look how the Hebrew results improved:

Cuban results

Every day our amigos took a test. Every day the test was harder and they were required to do more in less time. Those (blue line) who began getting 90{910d563662d78fefdd823552d33c5ed38e3197ad4f37e9c06bcc42e1890187c3} ended getting close to 95{910d563662d78fefdd823552d33c5ed38e3197ad4f37e9c06bcc42e1890187c3}. The average improvement in the class is shown by the black line. The red line shows the most dramatic improvement.

Teaching biblical languages in Cuba has been tried for many years, with modest results. The pressures of life there help ensure that the grammar is quickly forgotten.  However, in the wonderful environment of Christian fellowship at Tyndale House, the Cubans experienced incredible results.

Some of the Cubans will be returning to Tyndale House for more in-depth research of the scripture and Biblical language training and mentoring.

If you are interested in furthering the training of these Cubans who receive very minimal monthly salaries at home (approx. $30/month) please make either a monthly or one-time gift to support this special work at Tyndale House.