Dr. Peter Williams

“Today the most dominant voices in education and the media are non-Christian and often anti-Christian. Never has it been more urgent to train those who can lead their culture away from secularism and help believers grow in confidence and encourage their faithfulness to Scripture.”

Dr. Peter Williams is the Principal of Tyndale House Cambridge and a lecturer on Hebrew language at the University of Cambridge. He earned his M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge studying ancient languages related to the Bible.
Prior to leading Tyndale House, Williams was a Senior Lecturer in New Testament in the University of Aberdeen. He has spoken in churches, universities, seminaries, high schools and at conferences and seminars/workshops across the US and the world on Biblical subjects including Bible translation, apologetics, and how to understand the Scriptures.

Tyndale House Cambridge was awarded a commission by the Green Scholars Initiative (founded by the owners of Hobby Lobby) to research, transcribe and publish the Codex Climaci Rescriptus (CCR). The CCR is the most important manuscript of Christian Palestinian Aramaic and is the jewel in the crown of the Green Collection. Williams is personally leading this project.

Williams chairs the International Greek New Testament Project, which is currently producing the world’s most comprehensive information on the manuscripts of John’s Gospel.

More About Peter

Williams is a member of the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. He is passionate that the Bible should be well translated and carefully studied.

Looking back on his academic history, Williams describes his professional journey saying, “I find it amazing how I was led through stages of thinking I was going to do something else (be a Bible translator, OT scholar, NT scholar), only to find that I am now responsible for a library and research community in which my interests in both Testaments and in languages related to Bible study are highly useful.”

Williams has been involved in summer missions for over 20 years in Belgium where he and his wife Kathryn first met.

Are the Gospels Eyewitness Accounts?

Watch Peter Williams’ lecture from the Lanier Theological Library Lecture Series on “New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts.”

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