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  1. Peter Williams – Principal of Tyndale House

Dr. Peter Williams is the Warden of Tyndale House Cambridge and a lecturer on Hebrew language at the University of Cambridge. He earned his M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. at Cambridge University studying ancient languages related to the Bible.  Prior to leading Tyndale House, Williams was a Senior Lecturer in New Testament in the University of Aberdeen. He has spoken in churches, universities, seminaries, high schools and at conferences and seminars/workshops across the US and the world on Biblical subjects including Bible translation, apologetics, and how to understand the Scriptures.

Tyndale House Cambridge is currently researching, transcribing and publishing the Codex Climaci Rescripts (CCR) on behalf of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. The CCR is the most important manuscript of Christian Palestinian Aramaic and also contains other treasures, including an early Greek harmony of the Gospels and the earliest manuscript of the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes. Williams is personally leading this project.

Williams chairs the International Greek New Testament Project, which is currently producing the world’s most comprehensive information on the manuscripts of John’s Gospel.

Williams is a member of the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. He is passionate that the Bible should be well translated and carefully studied.

Looking back on his academic history, Williams describes his professional journey saying, “I find it amazing how I was led through stages of thinking I was going to do something else (be a Bible translator, OT scholar, NT scholar), only to find that I am now responsible for a library and research community in which my interests in both Testaments and in languages related to Bible study are highly useful.”

Williams has been involved in summer missions for over 20 years in Belgium where he and his wife Kathryn first met.

(Note:  Tyndale House Cambridge is neither a publisher nor a division of University of Cambridge.)

Video Links of Dr. Peter Williams:

Audio Link of Dr. Peter Williams:  Radio interview of Dr. Peter Williams (22 minutes)

Photos of Dr. Peter Williams

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  1. Dirk Jongkind – Research Fellow in New Testament at Tyndale House

Dirk Jongkind is the Research Fellow in New Testament Text and Language at Tyndale House Cambridge.  He is preparing a new edition of the Tyndale House Edition of the Greek New Testament (THEGNT) by comparing the text of old manuscripts and explaining how the differences arose.  The free electronic THEGNT is due for release in 2016 as part of the Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP) program.  Jongkind also works in Greek grammar and lexicography, and maintains an interest in epigraphy, papyrology, and archaeology in their relation to the New Testament.

A fellow since 2005 of St. Edmund’s College at Cambridge University Jongkind has served on a variety of committees and is currently the Deputy Senior Tutor.  He has taught in a wide variety of settings ranging from large conferences and University halls to small rural chapels and local village pubs.  Under the Bible and Church flag he is involved in a range of public events all related to do with the how and why of the current shape of the Bible.  He is an Associate Editor of the Tyndale Bulletin and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament.  He is also involved in mentoring initiatives of the European Leadership Forum and is co-leader of its Theologians Network.

Before Jongkind came to the academy, he worked with his wife in the horticultural sector, growing tropical cut-flowers (Heliconia) in greenhouses in Holland. Though he enjoyed this hands-on setting, he decided to follow his life’s fascination with the history and text of the Bible. He completed a M.A. in Old Testament at Tyndale Theological Seminary (1999, Badhoevedorp, nr. Amsterdam), and moved to the United Kingdom for a M.Phil. in New Testament at Cambridge University, where he stayed on for a PhD (2005). After his PhD he was employed by the British Library to carry out research on Codex Sinaiticus which resulted in his book, Scribal Habits in Codex Sinaiticus (2007).

Jongkind enjoys talking and thinking about how Christians can be good scholars and pursue knowledge and truth while maintaining their commitment to faith.

Jongkind serves as an elder at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge.  He is married to Marion and is the father of six wonderful children, three sons and three daughters.

Video Link of Dr. Dirk Jongkind: Experts’ Evidence for Jesus’ Trial Video (4 minutes)

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Photo of Dr. Dirk Jongkind

  1. Simon Sykes – COO and Librarian of Tyndale House

Simon Sykes is the Chief Operating Officer and Librarian at Tyndale House Cambridge.  There is a synergy between the roles as the Library sits at the heart of the mission of Tyndale House Cambridge to serve the Church and to reach out to the world by developing and fostering evangelical biblical scholarly leaders and world-class biblical scholarship.

Sykes is a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and gained a Master’s degree in Librarianship from the University of Wales in 1996. Sykes has worked in a number of educational settings both as a librarian and as a senior manager. These roles have included leading large teams, managing budgets and extensive professional involvement with architects and designers, during new building and refurbishment projects for libraries and teaching facilities.  He has also led training events identifying essential elements for good educational library design.

In his previous post at Tresham College of Further and Higher Education Sykes was responsible for managing a service for 10,000 students spread over four campuses, and was involved with a project to construct a new campus with particular responsibility for the provision of three innovative libraries with associated information technology. During this time a peer review judged the management of the service to have been outstanding.

Sykes served for a number of years as a lay member of the leadership team at Bretton Baptist Church in Peterborough. He is married to Kate and has three adult daughters, Rebecca, Ruth and Abigail and two granddaughters.

Information on American Friends of Tyndale House Cambridge

American Friends of Tyndale House Cambridge was formed in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) organization to support the work of Tyndale House. AFTHC gives Americans the opportunity to be involved in a strategic partnership with significant benefits to the life of the church in America and worldwide. All donations are tax-deductible.

Information on Tyndale House Cambridge

Tyndale House Cambridge UK is a Christian community established in 1944 dedicated to researching all the primary evidence relevant to the study of the Bible.  Set amidst the buildings of University of Cambridge it is one of the world’s finest libraries for biblical research, packed with specialist materials on the language, culture, history, and meaning of the Bible. Tyndale House Cambridge has accommodations for visiting church leaders, scholars, and postgraduates in an ideal setting for their own study in addition to access to the 100+ libraries at Cambridge University. Over fifty scholars, pastors, teachers, and missionaries from all over the world study here on a daily basis and then return to their home countries to continue their work in preaching and teaching, training other pastors and scholars, to teach seminary or Bible college students, or to translate the Bible into additional languages.

Alumni of Tyndale House Cambridge include F. F. Bruce, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, John Stott, J.I. Packer, John Piper, D. A. Carson, Wayne Grudem, and Jill Briscoe. Though there are many famous people who have studied at Tyndale House, our focus is always on mentoring, tutoring, and equipping the next generation of Biblical scholars.

The impact of Tyndale House on the worldwide Church continues to expand with our current scholarship programs that are bringing in scholars from Cuba, China, and Eastern Europe. In addition, Tyndale House is developing the most powerful, freely available, digital Biblical research tools in the world with the Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP) Program. These resources will be available in all parts of the majority world through distribution via our ministry partners, especially in places without reliable power and internet services.

  • Tyndale House Cambridge is an independent organization and is neither a publisher nor affiliated with the University of Cambridge.
  • Our research fellows, however, have teaching privileges at Cambridge University along with access to the 100+ libraries of Cambridge University.

 Video about Tyndale House Cambridge (3 minutes)

Aerial Photo of Tyndale House Cambridge

Aerial View of Tyndale House shows:

  • Tyndale House
  • Library
  • The Hex
  • Family Housing with playground
  • Warden’s Lodge+Family Housing Annex
  • Garden House

More photos available upon request

Tyndale House rear view

Map of UK showing Cambridge

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