“Faithful, rigorous research into the languages, history and cultural context of the Bible has enormous potential to enrich understanding of, and confidence in, Scripture. Tyndale House undertakes scholarship in the service of the Church.”

Dr. Peter Williams, Principal, Tyndale House


Dr. Peter Williams – The Reliability of the New Testament

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Easter Greetings from American Friends of Tyndale House, Cambridge!

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Tyndale House Greek New Testament Reader’s Edition Helps Pastors Study Scripture in Greek

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Sneak Preview of a Chat with Dr. Peter Gurry

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Tyndale House Cambridge

Established in 1944, Tyndale House Cambridge (UK) is a Christian community dedicated to researching the primary evidence relevant to the study of the Bible.

American Friends of Tyndale House Cambridge exits to both support the efforts of Tyndale House Cambridge and serve the church through additional programs and events in America.

Your donation will directly help the next generation of Bible experts serve the church, the academy, and the world.