Your partnership with Tyndale House provides:

… resources for the researchers with the best possible collection of materials

… a rich academic and spiritual environment to nurture scholars

… adopt a scholar program – scholars from majority world countries.

… scholars with the ability to disseminate their work with integrity

… strength for the Church with rigorous, relevant research

… a Christian voice to academic biblical discourse

Mark Cannon

We have an after-school reading time in the common room of our cottage and while the children are curled up with their own books, I’ve been reading Research for the Academy and the Church, Tyndale House and Fellowship, The First Sixty Years. I have been amazed how it reveals that my 35 years of ministry and study have again and again been influenced by Tyndale House. Many of my professors and mentors have worked and studied there. Treasured texts in seminary and ones lining my bookshelves shelf have been produced by Tyndale scholars. To this day I continue to be blessed in using, supporting and recommending Tyndale House resources that benefit the academy and the church.

Mark Cannon, houseparent, pastor and volunteer.

Jordan is a Business Program Manager & MA Biblical Studies Student

Jordan at Tyndale House with Dr. Peter J. Williams

Jordan Worley

75 years of commitment to the truthfulness of Scripture and high academic scholarship is what initially motivated me to support Tyndale House, Cambridge. Now, as a graduate student in Biblical Studies, it is difficult to overstate the positive influence this institution has both, directly and indirectly, on everything from lay level resources to scholarly research. I’m eager to see the findings of the Old Testament Project and the faithful output from all of their scholars. May we pray for their continued faithfulness and God’s blessing.

Jordan is a Business Program Manager & MA Biblical Studies Student

Jordan at Tyndale House with Dr. Peter J. Williams

What They’re Saying

“Tyndale House Greek New Testament Reader’s Edition has proved extremely helpful in comprehending God’s Word in the original language as I continue through my course work.”

Nick DeBenedettoPastor | Redeemer Reformed Baptist Church Phoenix, AZ

“Tyndale House combines rigorous academic work with the love of the Lord, for the benefit of the Kingdom. The combination of those two is rare.”

Diego AraújoDiego is currently completing his PhD on the New Testament. In August 2021 he will join the faculty team of SETECEB Seminary in Brazil.
Dr. Peter Gurry

“Tyndale House is a unique evangelical institution,” says Dr. Peter Gurry, Assistant Professor of New Testament at Phoenix Seminary. “Everyone shares love for the gospel — but also, love for good, respectable, responsible work. That’s why the best evangelical scholars go there to do their research.”

Devon Phillips

In her early missionary years, Devon learned the importance of supporting Christian academic work alongside other charitable and missional causes. “I am so grateful for the research, academia and teaching that comes from Tyndale House, and I am delighted at the opportunity to support such work that I benefit from and greatly respect.”

Devon serves with Frontier Alliance International, an evangelical organization based in the Middle East.

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