The Tyndale House Greek New Testament is now available in a Reader’s Edition. We spoke with church leaders about how this important new volume is equipping them in their ministry.

“As a pastor, Tyndale House’s The Greek New Testament Reader’s Edition, has been a welcomed addition to my library. Every morning I spend time translating a few verses from the Greek text to keep up with this biblical language. The Reader helps me learn the language, aids in deeper study and saves time in research.

Not only is this Reader well-crafted to hold up over time, but the page layout is extremely appealing to the eyes. One helpful addition to this reader, in comparison to other readers, is the use of footnotes for confusing verbs. For my morning readings, the THGNT Reader’s Edition is quickly becoming a go-to resource.”




Jeremy Oliver
Pastor of Biblical Soul Care
Harvest Bible Church, Phoenix, AZ

“As a first-year student of Greek, I was excited to see that
The Greek New Testament Reader’s Edition has the footnotes I need for honing my skills. As I continue to read, relying on the footnotes becomes less and less necessary, but the footnotes continue to be helpful for those words outside of my memorized vocabulary. The Reader’s Edition has proved extremely helpful in comprehending God’s Word in the original language as I continue through my course work.”



Nick DeBenedetto
Redeemer Reformed Baptist Church
Phoenix, AZ

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