Tyndale House has touched the lives of Bible scholars across the world, including here in the States. We recently caught up with Dr. Peter Gurry, Assistant Professor of New Testament at Phoenix Seminary, and Tyndale House alum, who shared how his years at Tyndale House impact his ministry now. We thought you might be interested to see a sneak preview of his interview.

Q: What would be different if you hadn’t studied at Tyndale House during your years at Cambridge?

A: “Without Tyndale House, I would have a very, very good education, but TH added the element of Christian truth. People at Tyndale House are more concerned about maintaining the truth of God’s Word than academic success. The research at Tyndale House is for one reason—to serve God’s people. Scholarship was a means to that end, not an end to itself.

The day that I passed my dissertation and returned to Tyndale House, I joined everyone at Tea Time to celebrate. That is when it hit me. If one can survive Tea Time at Tyndale House, he or she will do fine at their defense! Challenging questions over three plus years of Tea Time helped equip me for my defense! I know Tyndale House isn’t a school, but in a lot of senses to me, it is an educational institution. Your ideas will be scrutinized because they care very much about truth. Tyndale House is a biblically supportive environment that is equally academically rigorous.”

Please look for the full account of our time with Dr. Peter Gurry, as well as articles about other TH alumni, in future communications.

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