Effective Media Communication for Academics – Kay Carter

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Kay Carter – Speaking to Forum of Christian Leaders
Engaging with media can be challenging for any academic, but Christian scholars seeking to be salt and light to media audiences face an additional layer of complexity. This session provides a framework for finding faith-friendly messages from within our disciplines and helps pitch them in a media-savvy way. We’ll also look at building constructive relationships with media practitioners and handling difficult interview questions.

About Kay Carter
As Director of Communications for Tyndale House, Kay supports researchers to speak about their work in a way that cuts through the academic/popular divide and captures the public imagination. A journalist by background, Kay was on the staff of The Sunday Times in London for a number of years, before becoming founding editor of The Difference magazine, which examined political issues through the lens of Christian ethics. She has a long-term interest in religious freedom and has worked as a lobbyist for organizations that represent persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Before joining Tyndale House, she ran the secretariat for the British All Party Parliamentary Group on International Freedom of Religion or Belief.