Masterclasses on the Gospels

July 11–15, 2016 — Cambridge, England

A unique, in-depth study of the Gospels in the world class setting of Cambridge, England.


The American Friends of Tyndale House Cambridge hosted guests for Masterclasses on the Gospels in historic Cambridge, England in July 2016.

Designed for influential business leaders involved in Bible teaching and other Christian ministries, this five-day Masterclass provided in depth teaching on the Gospels as well as updates on the latest advances in Biblical manuscript research, textual criticism, apologetics research, and a host of other topics of critical interest to lay Bible teachers and leaders in ministry. Tyndale House brought together some of the world’s finest Biblical scholars to share their insights across diverse fields of Biblical scholarship in order to better equip lay Bible teachers and ministry leaders from across the world to better use their spiritual gifts in their local teaching and service ministries. Participants’ spouses also had daily opportunities to tour historic sites in and around Cambridge. Some meals were served in some of the historic dining halls at Cambridge University. View our print brochure [PDF].

Hotel Accommodations

Hilton CambridgeAccommodations for the Masterclasses on the Gospels were at the Hilton Cambridge City Centre Hotel adjacent to Cambridge University.

Get directions to Tyndale House or to the Hilton. Trains from London, King’s Cross take about an hour.


  • Full Cost for each primary attendee $3,499 (Single occupancy or attendee + spouse)
    $2,999 if paid before April 15. Please see Payment Page for full details
  • Cost for spouse (attending) $1,499 (Attending the conference sessions)
  • Cost for spouse (non-attending) $799 (Participation in spousal events only)
  • Full Cost for each primary attendee $1,999 (Hotel room not included)
  • Full Cost for each primary attendee $2,749 (Double occupancy, shared room)

Airfare and transportation to and from Cambridge are not included. 

Main Speakers

Peter Williams


CEO/Warden Tyndale House

Masterclasses on the Gospels will be led by Dr. Peter Williams, who lectures in Hebrew at Cambridge University and was formerly Senior Lecturer in New Testament at the University of Aberdeen. He is Chair of the International Greek New Testament Project and serves on the ESV Translation Committee and is currently writing a book on the reliability of the Gospels.



Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University

John is Emeritus Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford. Widely sought after internationally as a Bible teacher, he is author of various books including Has Science Buried God? and has debated leading atheists including Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

Other Speakers

Simon Gathercole


Reader in New Testament Studies, University of Cambridge

Simon is a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, former Editor of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Editor of the journal Early Christianity, and author of several books including two of the most detailed analyses of the Gospel of Thomas. He is on the NIV translation committee and an elder of Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge.

David Instone-Brewer


Senior Research Fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testament, Tyndale House

David is a Baptist minister and a member of the NIV translation committee, founder of numerous major
websites providing scholarly resources including, and currently working on 7 volumes
showing which rabbinic traditions go back to the time of the New Testament.

Gary Habermas


Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy, Liberty University

Gary is the author or editor of some 37 books, of which 18 are on the subject of Jesus’ resurrection. He has also contributed more than sixty chapters or articles to additional books, plus has published well over 100 articles or reviews in journals and other publications.

Dirk Jongkind


New Testament Research Fellow at Tyndale House

A Dutchman, Dirk did his PhD at the University of Cambridge, and became curator of the oldest complete NT in the world (Codex Sinaiticus), before taking up his current role at Tyndale House where he is the main editor of the Tyndale House Greek New Testament. He is a Fellow of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge.

Andrew Clarke


Emeritus Senior Lecturer in New Testament, University of Aberdeen

Former Librarian of Tyndale House, now Chair of Tyndale House Academic Board, Andrew has decades of experience teaching undergraduates and supervising PhD students at the University of Aberdeen. He has written extensively on Paul and on Christian leadership in the New Testament.

Steve Walton


Professorial Research Fellow in New Testament at St Mary’s University Twickenham

Steve Walton (PhD, University of Sheffield). An expert on Lucan writings with many years of teaching experience, he is currently writing the Word Biblical Commentary on Acts. Steve has been an international volleyball referee.

Explore a World-class City

The Masterclass week included time to be inspired by the many beautiful museums and art galleries. Participants had opportunity to admire the beautiful architecture and majestic college buildings, and explore quaint passages set around the historic market place and colleges, where a unique and relaxing shopping experience can be found.

They could see the places where William Wilberforce was a student or C. S. Lewis had his office or C. H. Spurgeon began in ministry. Here a blend of independent shops was mingled with high street brands.