2015 End of the Year Update from Peter Williams

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The end of the year is always an extremely important time of the year for non-profit institutions that depend on the faithful support of their donors to continue to fulfill their mission. Tyndale House and the American Friends of Tyndale House are similar to other non-profits in this regard. We need your help at this time.

Where Tyndale House is set apart is in the long-term, strategic nature of its mission. The training, mentoring, and equipping of biblical scholars at the highest level in service of the church is a unique and critical effort. The impact of this effort will be felt for decades from each of the scholars that are “launched” from Tyndale House.

In this letter we want to highlight several key areas:

  • Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP) Program
  • International Scholars Program (ISP)
  • Progress on expansion at Tyndale House
  • End of Year needs

STEP Program

The STEP Program continues to experience tremendous growth in terms of usage and the number of languages in which it is available. Over 160,000 individuals in 152 countries have used STEP online and almost 1,000 others have downloaded it for offline use especially in areas where there is limited internet access. With our recent push to promote STEP in international venues, we expect the growth in usage to be even more dramatic.  We need your help in continuing the development of STEP and the tagging of more modern languages to the original Hebrew and Greek. Please consider a donation at this time to continue the momentum of STEP the most powerful free Bible software available!


International Scholars Program (ISP)

During these first years of the ISP, the focus has been on Cuba, China, and Eastern Europe. Scholars from all of these geographical areas have been provided with scholarship funds to support intensive study visits to Tyndale House and we have seen great success.


An exciting new chapter in the history of Tyndale House has been written in the last year. 10 Cuban scholars have been trained in Hebrew, taught in Spanish, through intensive studies at Tyndale House. Prior to this effort within the ISP program, there were no native Cubans prepared and equipped to teach Hebrew. The 10 are now teaching over 300 in Cuba and we expect the number being taught Hebrew will be over 3,000 within five years. This is but one of the great successes of the ISP.

Your financial support will allow us to proceed with the next phase of our Cuban program which will provide intensive training in Greek similar to the Hebrew phase. We will be training a new cohort of Cuban scholars who will complete a whole new level of capability in the teaching of original Biblical languages in many churches and seminaries in Cuba. The impact of this completed program will reverberate throughout the entire country and culture.


Building Expansion

Tyndale House is nearly bursting with scholars and books. More space for study and books in the Library and more housing for readers is a priority. We are proceeding with plans for expanding the Library and adding housing for readers. We have had preliminary architectural documents prepared showing the way forward on a significantly larger new Library and additional housing and meeting space. We need to raise approximately $35,000 to have architectural schematic plans prepared which will allow us to refine our design and budget to help make our expansion a reality. Please help with a donation at this time if you agree with us on the pressing need for increasing our capacity for biblical training at the highest level.

End of Year Needs

Of course, there are also the ongoing financial needs at Tyndale House that require your regular support. If you are concerned about the long-term health of the church and of evangelical Christian education and are able to support us financially, we hope you will do so.

By signing up to be a monthly donor, an official “Friend of Tyndale House”, you can help support biblical scholarship at the highest level and provide help for deserving scholars from all over the world. Any gift, large or small, helps us to build, maintain, and enhance the Tyndale House Library and community and all of the services it provides to the readers who depend on it. If you would like to make a one-time or recurring donation you can do so by following the instructions on the donation form.

Excluding capital projects, our year-end financial needs are $150,000. This amount will allow us to meet all of our operational and scholarship obligations. Please make a generous donation to American Friends of Tyndale House Cambridge before December 31.


We greatly appreciate your prayers for the work of Tyndale House. Thank you for your support and for partnering with us. Your prayers and your monetary support are a strategic investment in a ministry with a worldwide impact.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May his peace be with you in this advent season and throughout the year.

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