The Best Time to Give in 30 Years: Summer 2016 Update

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It has been an exciting and busy summer for AFTHC and Tyndale House. From July 4 through July 7 the quadrennial Tyndale Fellowship Conference was held at the High Leigh Conference Centre just north of London. The theme of the Conference was Marriage, Family and Relationships. Scholars from around the UK and the world gathered to look carefully and seriously at the Scriptures and what they teach about marriage and the family. It was and is an extremely important topic in current times.

From July 11 through July 15 AFTHC hosted the Masterclasses on the Gospels Conference in Cambridge. This Conference provided in-depth teaching on the Gospels, biblical manuscript research, textual criticism, and apologetics. The speakers were some of the world’s top biblical scholars including Peter Williams, Dirk Jongkind, and David Instone-Brewer, all from Tyndale House, as well as other featured speakers: John Lennox, Gary Habermas, Steve Walton, Andrew Clarke, and Simon Gathercole. Each of the speakers shared insights from their own work in order to better equip the Conference delegates in their own teaching and service ministries. There were also great opportunities for fellowship, seeing the local historical treasures in Cambridge, and fine dining in historic collegiate dining halls. The Masterclasses Conference was a great experience for all who attended.

It has also been an exciting and volatile summer in the political and economic arena, especially since late in the evening of June 23. That’s when the news that the Brexit ‘Yes’ (leave the EU) majority vote was confirmed. Based on incorrect polling that the ‘No’ vote would prevail, the British pound had risen to 1.50 versus the US dollar at the close of US markets that day. Within minutes after the projected outcome was announced the pound had fallen to about 1.35, a 10% drop. This is a huge move in the world of foreign currency exchange.

This change in the valuation of currencies is very good news for AFTHC and Tyndale House. We can get significantly more done with each US dollar exchanged into British pounds than at any time in the last 30 years. As I write this email, the pound is at roughly 1.32 versus the US dollar. There could be more damage to the pound in the near term or things could slowly improve in the outlook for the UK. We are in uncharted waters. No country has left the EU before. Some countries have had similar referendums (Denmark and Ireland) but then have stayed in the EU after they were given special exemptions. Debates will rage in both the UK and the EU headquarters in Brussels as bureaucrats begin to negotiate the terms of the divorce. The UK and the EU might both propose the idea of an associate membership along the lines of Norway. We just don’t know exactly what will happen.

One thing is for sure. There will be continued political uncertainty. There is at least one other thing that is for sure – there is a great deal of Kingdom work to be done through Tyndale House. With these new more favorable exchange rates, so much more is now possible when you give generously at this time. Whether your primary interest is in people (training, mentoring, and equipping), property (expansion and renovation to provide more capacity), or programs (e.g., Cuban Greek Training, International Scholars Program) there are critical items that need your support.

Please give generously at this time and let us hear from you. We greatly appreciate your support.

Phillip Evans
Executive Director
American Friends of Tyndale House Cambridge

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